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A Call to Civility

From a Ghost Ranch seminar comes a call to support the Assembly and the Moderator -- endorsed by Witherspoon and the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

Last updated on 03/10/10

The background of the Call

This statement was drafted and signed by 48 participants at the Ghost Ranch seminar on globalization, August 6 through 13. It has been endorsed by the Executive Committee of the Witherspoon Society, and by the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Executive Committee. 

As of February 18, 2002, the Call has been endorsed by the sessions of six congregations, along with the leadership of Presbyterian Women, and over 300 individuals.

On Sept. 25, 29 of the 33 living former moderators of the church issued a similar call for civility.

The Rev. Kent Winters-Hazelton, who was one of the group at Ghost Ranch, writes about why it's necessary now to take a stand for civility.

Elder Marjorie (Marge) Coombs, of Spokane, Washington, has written sharing her dismay at the attacks on Moderator Jack Rogers, and her appreciation for being informed of what has been going on.

Why do we call for civility?

Some people have asked us why we've been concerned about civility in our church. They have not seen any evidence of the "consistent and vociferous personal attacks directed at the Moderator" and the 213th General Assembly, that were the stimulus for that call.

Cataloguing all the attacks would demand more time than we can give to the task right now, but it's a fair question, so we'll try to give some evidence for our concern.

Check here for a little explanation of why this seems necessary at this time.

We welcome other endorsements by individuals or groups. Please contact Doug King, giving the name(s) you want us to list, and any identification of church, place of residence, etc., that you want us to post.

Signers will be listed below as we receive their names.


We publicly affirm the Moderator of the 213th General Assembly and the process whereby he was nominated and elected. We are dismayed at the consistent and vociferous personal attacks directed at the Moderator.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) shares a common understanding of rule by elders. Sharing the same vows of ordination, which include a common confession of Jesus Christ as Lord, and a commitment to be led by the Scriptures and guided by the Confessions, we strive to serve God in our capacities as officers of the local congregation and for the whole church. 580 commissioners, elders and pastors nominated and elected by presbyteries from every part of our denomination, gathered in Louisville, and after listening to each of the candidates for Moderator, overwhelmingly elected Jack Rogers as Moderator of the 213th General Assembly.

During this meeting, the Assembly was not led astray by non-Presbyterian forces. Rather it valued the gentle and graceful hand of its Moderator as commissioners listened to the scriptures, discerned the leading of the Spirit, shared their concerns, heard one another and cast significant votes that reflected their faith and conscience.

These unprecedented attacks on the Moderator show a deep disrespect for the Office of Moderator. The Moderator is not an individual, but the representation of the General Assembly, indeed of the whole church. Thus, this attack is an attack on each of the commissioners who volunteered their time in service to the church, on the Assembly and its work, and on the entire church. Such an attack violates our common vow to affirm the peace, unity and purity of the church, as well as the Gospel imperative to take the log out of one's own eye before removing the speck in your neighbor's.

We urgently call for a return to civility in the debates before our church. We appeal to the church to exhibit the fruits of the Spirit - love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, gentleness, generosity, faithfulness and self-control - which find their roots in Jesus Christ.

On behalf of the Presbyterian Church (USA), we continue to affirm Jack Rogers as Moderator of the 213th General Assembly.

Endorsed by these groups:
bulletThe Presbyterian Peace Fellowship
bulletThe Witherspoon Society
bulletSession of Claremont Presbyterian Church, Claremont, CA
bulletSession of Valley Community Presbyterian Church, Golden Valley, MN
bulletElders of the Session of First Presbyterian Church, Spokane, WA
bulletSession of St. Mark Presbyterian Church, Newport Beach, CA
bulletThe Session of First Presbyterian Church in Las Vegas, New Mexico
bulletSession of the First Presbyterian Church, Hartford, CT
bulletModerators of the Churchwide Coordinating Team of Presbyterian Women
bulletCoordinating Team - Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of San Jose

Signed by these individuals:

Participants in the Ghost Ranch seminar:


Susan Fisher (No.Central Iowa Presbytery) 


Anne L. Barstow (NYC) 


Lois R. Baker (New Covenant) 


David Zuverink (Palisades) 


Carolynn Winters-Hazelton (National Capital) 


Kent Winters-Hazelton (San Gabriel) 


Roger Scott Powers (San Francisco) 


Dale Cooper (San Francisco) 


Erik Mason (Santa Fe) 


Annabelle Dirks (San Jose) 


John R. Stratford (Cascades) 


Anne Hale Johnson (National Capital)


Karen L. Kiser (San Gabriel)


Jane Hanna (Santa Fe) 


L. William Yolton (National Capital) 


Ross Kinsler (San Gabriel) 


Margaret E. Howland (Hudson River) 


Lon Jones (Palo Duro) 


Don Beisswenger (Middle Tennessee) 


Jane W. Strange (Grace) 


Judy Bjorkman (Cayuga-Syracuse) 


Leonard B. Bjorkman (Cayuga-Syracuse) 


Russell R. Morgan (Holston) 


Elisa L. Cooper (San Francisco) 


Jean Stratford (Cascades) 


Betty Kersting (Santa Fe) 


Arthur W. Johnson (National Capital) 


Stephen Brown (Plains and Peaks) 


Harold M. Barton (Western Reserve) 


Ray Kersting (Santa Fe) 


Margaret R. Strane (San Gabriel) 


Don William Clay (Pacific) 


Gloria Kinsler (San Gabriel) 


Marilyn Murphy White (New Covenant) 


Bill Galvin (Baltimore) 


Christine Caton (Southern New England) 


Melissa Schoekre (Philadelphia) 


Richard Symes (Albany) 


Patricia Symes (Albany) 


Jim Atwood (National Capital) 


Alice Winters (National Capital -- Bogotá, Colombia, South America)


Cathleen Clay (Pacific) 


Aurelia T Fule (Santa Fe)


Merilie Robertson, Presbytery of San Fernando

Members of Claremont Presbyterian Church, Claremont, CA:

bulletVondie L. Lozano 
bulletJohn Johnson 
bulletJean Cochran 
bulletDorothy Craft 
bulletKonrad Kingshill 
bulletKerry Denton 
bulletRoger Denton 
bulletPat Shumard 
bulletRichard Sheridan 
bulletMiriam A Berger 
bulletMollie Hopper 
bulletRev. Bill Hopper 
bulletElise Harber 
bulletRev. Jay Harber 
bulletElaine J. Walker 
bulletMary Ann Jackson 
bulletAzike Ntephe 
bulletDiane Ntephe 
bulletRuth Carrie 
bulletWendy Menefee-Libey 
bulletDavid Menefee-Libey 
bulletMarilyn Hamilton 
bulletLaurie Haney 
bulletRev. Charles Goodrich 
bulletMargaret Goodrich


bulletDonald W. Jackson, MD, Claremont, CA
bulletBarbara Gaddis
bulletTrina Zelle
bulletRichard Hong
bulletGene TeSelle
bulletDoug King, Woodbury, MN
bulletRev. Ms.Celeste M. Lasich, First Presbyterian Church, Tracy, CA.
bulletRod Martin
bulletRev. John A. Shuck, pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Billings, Montana
bulletDavid E. Roberts, Aberdeen, Scotland
bulletAlice M. Groome, Pleasantville, NJ
bulletRev. James R. Tilton, HR. Leawood, KS. Member of Heartland Presbytery
bulletTim Stern, Minister Commissioner, 213th GA, Presbytery of Baltimore
bulletVirginia W. Davidson, Elder and member of the Downtown U. P. Church, Rochester, NY
bulletJanet Arbesman (Presbytery of Grand Canyon and Vice-Moderator of the 213th General Assembly)
bulletHedwig N. Lodwick, Pasadena, CA
bulletRobert C. Lodwick, Cincinnati Presbytery
bulletEarl A. Todt, Elder, member, First Presbyterian Church, Waverly, OH
bulletPatricia G. Todt, Elder, member, First Presbyterian Church, Waverly, OH
bulletWilliam R. Knox, member of Salem Presbytery 
bulletHerbert D. Valentine, interim pastor, Philadelphia PA, Moderator 203rd GA
bulletKeith I. Brown 
bulletDorothy J. Brown 
bulletGordon L. Shull, professor emeritus of political science, the College of Wooster
bulletJean Rodenbough, Hunger Action Enabler for Salem Presbytery
bulletRev. Serena Sullivan, Claremont Presbyterian Church
bulletJohn E. Harris, Pastor, Bunker Hill Presbyterian Church, Bunker Hill, WV (Shenandoah Presbytery)
bulletRev. Deborah Fortel, Pastor, Valley Community Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis, MN
bulletMartha Moler, Rochester, NY
bulletRev. Victoria L. Moss, Benfield-Vick Chaplain, Davis and Elkins College, Elkins, WV
bulletSteve Morrison and Meg Morrison, Altadena, CA 
bulletRev. Fred H. Anderson Stated Supply, First Presbyterian Church, Bridgewater, South Dakota, and St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Emery, South Dakota (Presbytery of South Dakota)
bulletBob Layton, Elder, member Meadowthorpe Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky.
bulletManley and Ann Olson, St. Paul, MN.
bulletRev. Donald L. Smith, Synod of Southern California and Hawaii
bulletHenry G. Brinton (National Capital)
bulletThe Rev. Kip Harris, Garden City, Michigan (member of Detroit Presbytery).
bulletRev. Mae Hicks, HR, of Sun Lakes, Arizona, the Grand Canyon Presbytery.
bulletByron C. Bangert, Bloomington, IN (Minister-at-large, Presbytery of Ohio Valley).
bulletRobert J. Rogers, Clergy – Donegal Presbytery; Interim Associate, Paoli Presbyterian Church 
bulletNorb Peil, Union Presbyterian Church, Brownwood, Texas (Palo Duro Presbytery)
bulletDavid L. Carlton, Elder, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN.
bulletRev. Kurt J. Kremlick, Jr., H.R., Lake Michigan Presbytery
bulletThe Rev. Dr. Charles Valenti-Hein, Pastor, Memorial Presbyterian Church, Appleton, WI, Minister Commissioner to the 213th General Assembly from the Presbytery of Winnebago
bulletRev. David G. Gelzer, Swarthmore, PA
bulletRolf Christen, Elder, Presbyterian Church, Green City, Missouri
bulletRev. John Timberlake, HR Shenandoah Presbytery 
bulletCarol Kaufman, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletDick Johnson, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletRay W. Heer, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletClara Heer, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletDr. H. Buchannan-Barrow, San Gabriel Presbytery
bulletBryan Cole, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletFred R. Wilson, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletRuth L. Auld, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletRev. William D. Auld, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletRev. Bob Lehman (Former EP, Hudson River Presbytery) 
bulletEsther S. Gutierrez, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletRev. Harry Brunger, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletMarilyn I. Brunger, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletRev. John O. Najarian, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletJune G. Scholes, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletMargaret Strane, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletArthur E French III, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletCarolyn V. French, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletRev. Donn Grail (Pacific Presbytery) 
bulletEvelyn Thomas (Past Moderator, San Gabriel Presbytery) 
bulletGladys M. Lehman, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletKatharine Altaner, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletM. Joy Beanland, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletJane Dempsey Douglass, San Gabriel Presbytery
bulletGordon K. Douglass, San Gabriel Presbytery 
bulletRev. Thomas E. Duggan, San Gabriel Presbytery
bulletGeorge Inadomi (Member General Assembly Council) 
bulletJeanette Inadomi, San Gabriel Presbytery
bulletRev. Robert I. Miller
bulletBarbara T. Miller
bulletRev. Kimberly Hyatt, Peace Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville, FL -- Presbytery of St. Augustine
bulletRobert M. Healey, Ph.D. Member (HR), John Knox Presbytery, Professor of Church History Emeritus, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary
bulletKyle Holberg, San Diego, CA
bulletChristine L. Baker, Presbytery of Genesee Valley
bulletAnne Smith, Elder, Indio, CA
bulletElizabeth Letzler, First Presbyterian Church, Baldwin, NY
bulletRev. Madison M. Highfill, Wilmington, NC
bulletRev. June Hicks Highfill, Wilmington, NC
bulletA. Allen Brindisi, Pastor, Davidson College Presbyterian Church, Davidson, North Carolina
bulletDeane F. Lavender, Beaver, PA, Honorably Retired 
bulletJim Tippens, Efland, NC (Honorably Retired)
bulletDarry S. Carlstone, Elder, Santa Fe Presbyterian Church Edmond, OK
bulletRev. Drew G. Travis, Pastor, First Presbyterian, Plainview, Texas
bulletBill LeMosy, member of Des Moines Presbytery


The following members of one family, who are Presbyterian elders (not all currently active) "would like to express our support for and appreciation to Jack Rogers, Moderator, PCUSA"

bulletCarolyn Knight Tamblyn, elder, First Presbyterian, Auburn, AL 
bulletJ. William Tamblyn, elder, First Presbyterian, Auburn, AL 
bulletMaria Tamblyn Folmar, elder, Briarwood Presbyterian, Jackson, MS 
bulletMartha Tamblyn Earnhardt, elder, Immanuel Presbyterian, Montgomery, AL 
bulletJames M. Earhnardt, elder, Immanuel Presbyterian, Montgomery, AL 
bulletAnne Tamblyn Shaw, elder, First Presbyterian, Auburn, AL 
bulletMartha Knight Hall, elder, Presbyterian Church of Dadeville, AL


bulletBrian Wallace –– Genesee Valley Presbytery
bulletRev. Jamie Miller, Minister Commissioner to the 213th GA, Wabash Valley Presbytery
bulletRev. Jane S. Winters, Dundee & Weston Presbyterian Churches, Geneva Presbytery
bulletRev. Dr. David S. Barnard - Geneva Presbytery
bulletSusanna M. Reckard 
bulletFrieda Yakish 
bulletLee C. McDonald 
bulletClaire K. McDonald 
bulletDebbie Eldridge 
bulletJulia Hutchison 
bulletRuth Currie
bulletClyde E. Griffith, Philadelphia Presbytery
bulletMissie and Sam Lanham (HR), Fredericksburg, Texas
bulletRev. Ellen T. Lemen (Presbytery of Grand Canyon)
bulletRev. Wiloughby H. Lemen (Presbytery of Grand Canyon)
bulletDean K. Thompson, Charleston, West Virginia
bulletCharles M. Webster (Lake Erie Presbytery)
bulletJerry Shave, Parish Associate First Presbyterian Church United of Syracuse
bulletCarroll and Lucy Teeter, First Presbyterian Church, Winter Haven, Florida
bulletRev. Dr. K. Edward Brandt, Pastor, Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church
bulletBrad Braley, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Cedar Falls, Iowa, North Central Iowa Presbytery 
bulletDr. Leo Nussbaum, elder, St Petersburg, FL 
bulletMrs. Janet Nussbaum, St. Petersburg, FL 
bulletBen Ormand, Brevard, NC 
bulletJames M. York, MD, Lighthouse Point, FL 
bulletElizabeth M. York, Lighthouse Point, FL
bulletRev. Ronald A Pfeifer, Palestine, IL 
bulletRev. Esther K Pfeifer, Palestine, IL 
bulletDr. John A. Hunter, Pastor, Memorial Presbyterian Church, St Augustine, FL 
bulletBob Frankenberg, Pastor, Mobile, AL 
bulletThe Rev. Kimberly Buechner Fouse, Cold Spring, KY 
bulletRev. Robert I. Miller, Duarte, CA 
bulletRev. Gary W. Hardesty, a civil supporter! Starke, FL 
bulletJeanne Marshall Pritchard, LaJolla, CA 
bulletThe Rev. Dr. Francis W. Pritchard, LaJolla, CA 
bulletStan L. Cobbs, Elder, FPC Kerrville, Hunter, TX 
bulletSara Jean Jackson, Houston, TX 
bulletMary B. Paul, a life long Presbyterian, a preacher kid 
bulletJames A. Stuckey, Columbus, OH 
bulletDavid G. Gelzer Ph.D., Swarthmore, PA 
bulletThe Rev. Carolyn Close Grohman, Columbus, IN 
bulletRay U. Tanner, Chair of The Board, Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation 
bulletRobert A. Heimach, a minister of the PC(USA), Bluffton, IN 
bulletRev. Donald E. Meeder, HR, Fort Lauderdale, FL 
bulletJames E. Atwood, Springfield, VA 
bulletRoxana M. Atwood, Springfield, VA 
bulletMerilie Robertson, Conoga Pk, CA 
bulletDale G. Cooper, Walnut Creek, CA 
bulletElsie L. Cooper, Walnut Creek, CA 
bulletThe Rev. Lois Ann Wolff, Interim Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Hudson Falls, NY, Albany Presbytery
bulletBill Hollister, Marblehead, MA
bulletGeorge A. McCall, Missouri Union Presbytery
bulletNeta McCall, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia MO
bulletCarolyn B. Stephens, Oklahoma City, OK 
bullet Margaret Burrows, First Presbyterian Puyallup, WA 
bulletJean Vieten - elder Redlands CA
bulletThe Rev. Ann Schwartz, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Hoopeston, Illinois (member of the Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois)
bulletSally Foulks, Pueblo, CO - Commissioned Lay Pastor 
bulletRuth See, Presbyterian elder - Harrisonburg, VA 
bulletDr. Ray Heer, Pasadena, CA 
bulletKate Bottorff, Assoc. Pastor, 1st Presbyterian Church, Pendleton, OR 
bulletRev. Rodger W. Allen, pastor in Washington Presbytery 
bulletRev. Laurie Williams, pastor in Washington Presbytery
bulletRichard Z. Hartranft, Bryn Mawr, PA 
bulletRev. Gary A. Wilburn, Sr. Pastor, 1st Presbyterian Church, New Canaan, CT 
bulletRichard & Pat Kriege, Elders, Sacramento, CA 
bulletFlorence M Holman, Elder, Presbytery Moderator, Presbytery of Sacramento 
bulletHerb Christ, Stated Clerk, Presbytery of San Diego 
bulletThe Rev. Dr. E. Dean Finley, Greencastle, IN 
bulletRev. Douglas R. Potter, retired pastor, Twin Cities Area Presbytery Guy and Rai Schmalz, Harrisonburg, VA 
bulletRev. Gary Gard, Pastor 
bulletRev. Dr. Thomas W. Blair, Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Hendersonville, NC
bulletDennis L. Maher, Delavan IL.


Elders of the Session of First Presbyterian Church, Spokane, WA, have joined in sending their support, with a note saying "We pray for peace in our church and for God to bless you in this difficult situation."

bulletDon Canaday 
bulletMike Nielsen 
bulletEllen Klohe 
bulletHampton W. lrwin, M.D 
bulletPamela Kish 
bulletAlva Kiesbuy 
bulletJerry Jensen 
bulletEunice Snyder 
bulletLarry Yates 
bulletWanda Mason 
bulletPatti Aspinwall 
bulletCurt Shoemaker 
bulletBrian Trefry 
bulletJohn Osterback 
bulletJudith Lang 
bulletMary Beth Baker 
bulletChristie Miller 
bulletBruce Burda
bulletMarjorie J. Coombs


bulletRev. Gerald D. Lyman, Riverside Presbytery
bulletRev. Eric Mount, Jr., professor, Centre College
bulletDr. Edwin J Dykstra, Commissioner 213th GA, North Olmsted, OH
bulletRev Janet L Dykstra, Interim Pastor Cleveland Hgts, OH
bulletElizabeth McDowell, Elder, Synod Representative for the Theological Education Fund - Old Forge, NY
bulletJane Larsen Wigger, Louisville, Ky
bulletAlbert N Wells, Interim Pastor, Lakeview Church St Petersburg, Fl
bulletThe Rev Portia Iverson, Pastor, Lowe Ave Presby Church, Omaha, NE
bulletJay McKell, Pastor, Grace Covenant Presby Church, Overland Park, KS
bulletDr Joseph R Brooks, Moderator Elect of Trinity Presbytery, Aiken, SC
bulletMs Juanita Harbour, Cameron, NC
bulletMarjorie J Coombs, Spokane, WA
bulletJ M Coombs, Spokane WA
bulletwilliam h hays, Elder, Lakewood, CO
bulletJohn Stratton, Elder and member of West Haven Presby Church; Elder Commissioner 211th GA, Rocky Mountain, NC
bulletPeggy Mago, Elder, Treasurer of local church, Omaha, NE
bulletThe Rev Dr Kenneth A Churchill, Pastor Gulf Beach Presby Church, Panama City Beach, FL
bulletRalph Carter, elder and member, Third Presbyterian Church, Rochester NY
bulletFrank G Gibson, Claremont Presbyterian Church, Claremont, CA 
bulletMaria M. Gibson, Claremont Presbyterian Church, Claremont, CA 
bulletRev. Forster Freeman, HR, Portland, OR 
bulletMark Wesner, Clerk of Session The Session of First Presbyterian Church, Cordell, OK 
bulletRev. Janne Brumbelow, Pastor, Cordell & Colon, OK. Presbyterian Churches
bulletKaren Fritsch, moderator, Presbyterian Women in the PC(USA) 
bulletAnn McFarlane, vice-moderator, mission relationships, Presbyterian Women, PC(USA) 
bulletGerry Tayler, vice-moderator, justice and peace concerns, Presbyterian Women, PC(USA)
bulletCarin B. Farmer, Pastor, Mt. Morris, NY 
bulletRev. Dr. Robert Hanson, Retired, Flower Mount, TX 
bulletH. Daris Yeuell, Minister (Retired), Richmond, VA 
bulletLouisa S. Yeuell, Elder, Richmond, VA
bulletRev. Darlene Little, MWS, Northumberland Presbytery, Williamsport PA
bulletAt its Stated Meeting on November 27, 2001, the Session of St. Mark Presbyterian Church, Newport Beach, CA. voted to endorse the Call to Civility.
bulletLeslie Latham, Elder and member, First Presbyterian Church, Bath, NY (Geneva Presbytery)
bulletRev. Lynn Longfield, Tacoma, WA 
bulletHelen D. Sears, Owensboro, NY - Synod Representative to Churchwide Coordinating Team of Presbyterian Women - Synod of Living Waters 
bulletPatricia S. Singleton, Newark, DE 
bulletPeggy Montgomery, Salt Lake City - Churchwide Coordinating Team of Presbyterian Women
bulletJames D. Glasse, Orinda Ca - Member of San Francisco Presbytery
bulletThe Rev. Betty May Seel and the Rev. Robert E. Seel, HR members of Presbytery de Cristo, Tucson, AZ
bulletThe Session of First Presbyterian Church in Las Vegas, New Mexico, has unanimously endorsed, at its stated meeting of December 12, the statement entitled A Call to Civility. Those present were as follows: Frank Hager, John McIntyre, Phyllis Ludi, Don Fredrickson, Ruth Hazelton, Rebecca Bourbon, Gabe Hanson, Joyce Litherland, and Moderator Michelle Vetters.
bulletJill Acree, Ada, OK
bulletHerbert L. Underwood, Wake Forest, NC
bulletNancy Fritz, Moderator Philadelphia Presbytery and Presbyterian Women, Swarthmore PA 
bulletW. Barkley Fritz, Elder, Swarthmore Presbyterian Church, Swarthmore PA 
bulletWilliam Heilman, Lakewood, FL 
bulletAmy Peterson, Presbyterian Women Enabler, Kalispell, MT
bulletRendell A. Davis, H.R. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), deCristo Presbytery
bulletDoris D Webster, Cordova, TN
bulletGary Buerstatte, Elder, Zion Presbyterian Church, Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and Moderator, Kettle Moraine Parish
bulletLiane (Lee) Sickels, Silver Springs Presbyterian Church, Ocala, Florida
bulletRita Oestreich, Chair of COWAC in Presbytery of Geneva.
bulletCarolyn Jordan, Birmingham, AL, Moderator Presbyterian Women, Synod of Living Waters and Elder at Southminster Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL
bulletArlayne Knox, elder, Presbytery of Yukon
bulletSession of the First Presbyterian Church, Hartford, CT
bulletRev. Dr. Bruce E. Tjaden, H.R., Presbytery of Mid-Kentucky
bulletThomas E. Calhoun, First Presbyterian Church of Dale City, VA, National Capitol Presbytery 
bulletLee Ann Calhoun, First Presbyterian Church of Dale City, VA, National Capitol Presbytery
bulletLee M. Lawrence, Elder, First United Presbyterian Church of Dale City
bulletShirley Patton - Moderator PW in the Synod of the Pacific 
bulletBill Patton - Ashland, OR - elder 
bulletCoordinating Team - Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of San Jose
bulletFrancis W. Pritchard, Th. D.
bulletJeanne Marshall Pritchard
bulletMary Ellen Meisenheimer
bulletLinda M. Hagen 
bulletRollin Kirk, Pastor, North Presbyterian Church, North St. Paul, Minnesota
bulletRev. Bill Hayes, Salem Presbytery
bulletDouglas MacMillan Sr., elder (inactive), Northminster Presbyterian Church, Macon, GA.
bulletCoordinating Team of Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of the Pacific
bulletWomen’s Association of Catasaugua Presbyterian Church, Catasauqua, PA
bulletBetsy Berry, PW Moderator, St. Augustine Presbytery [Florida]
bulletPresbyterian Women of the Community Presbyterian Church of Mt Bethel, Portland, OR 
bulletWomen of First Church, West Palm Beach, FL
bulletWilliam G. Young, Jr., Elder, The First Presbyterian Church in Germantown, Philadelphia
bulletRussell C. Sullivan, Jr., Pastor, Neshaminy-Warwick Presbyterian Church, Hartsville, Pennsylvania
bulletRev. A. Wayne Benson, STD, HR, Pittsburgh Presbytery
bulletPaule Alexander, Presbytery of New York City
bulletDotsie Shaw, PW Moderator, PW, Southern New England Presbytery 
bulletPenny Webster, Presbyterian Women, Presbytery of Southern New England 
bulletSally E. Lockhart, Presbyterian Women, Presbytery of Southern New England 
bulletCheryl Molina, Presbyterian Women, Presbytery of Southern New England 
bulletRoberta Mansfield, Presbyterian Women, Presbytery of Southern New England 
bulletAmanda Doesacr, Presbyterian Women, Presbytery of Southern New England 
bulletRosemarie Smith, Presbyterian Women, Presbytery of Southern New England 
bulletMolly Dean, Presbyterian Women, Presbytery of Southern New England
bulletAl Gephart, pastor, University Presbyterian Church, Tempe, AZ  [You may want to read the note he sent with his endorsement of this Call to Civility.]
bulletRev. Keith D. Curry Sr., HR. Milwaukee Presbytery. 
bulletRev. Carolyn S. Wilkerson, Pastor, Perseverence Presbyterian Church.
bulletThe Rev. Jake Young, Assoc. Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Springfield, IL, Presbytery of Great Rivers
bulletLynne Reade
bulletSession of Westminster Hills Presbyterian Church, Hayward, CA
bulletCarroll Smith, Watsonville, CA
bulletPresbyterian Women in the Presbytery of the Pacific  (This action was taken at a gathering on Saturday, February 23, 2002.)
bulletEdith Downing, Lacy, WA
bulletCleone B. Warner, Duarte, CA  [Added 4-24-04]

This list was last updated on 03/10/10

The Witherspoon Society notes with appreciation that Horizons has included "A Call to Civility" in its January/February issue. The moderators of the Churchwide Coordinating Team of Presbyterian Women signed the statement, which was written during a Ghost Ranch seminar on globalization last August, saying their "personal observations of the 213th General Assembly affirm the validity of this statement." They added, "Even though we may not always agree with one another, as people of faith we are called to treat each other with respect, dignity and civility."  [1-30-02]

Do you want to add your name, or the name of your Presbyterian-related organization?  Please send a note -- and include any identifying information you want us to include.


GA actions ratified (or not) by  the presbyteries   

A number of the most important actions of the 219th General Assembly have now been acted upon by the presbyteries, confirming most of them as amendments to the PC(USA) Book of Order.

We provided resources to help inform the reflection and debate, along with updates on the voting.

Our three areas of primary interest have been:

bullet Amendment 10-A, which  removes the current ban on lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender persons being considered as possible candidates for ordination as elder or ministers.  Approved!

bullet Amendment 10-2, which would add the Belhar Confession to our Book of Confessions.  Disapproved, because as an amendment to the Book of Confessions it needed a 2/3 vote, and did not receive that.

bullet Amendment 10-1, which  adopts the new Form of Government that was approved by the Assembly.   Approved.

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Heather Reichgott, who has created this new blog for Voices of Sophia, introduces it:

After fifteen years of scholarship and activism, Voices of Sophia presents a blog. Here, we present the voices of feminist theologians of all stripes: scholars, clergy, students, exiles, missionaries, workers, thinkers, artists, lovers and devotees, from many parts of the world, all children of the God in whose image women are made. .... This blog seeks to glorify God through prayer, work, art, and intellectual reflection. Through articles and ensuing discussion we hope to become an active and thoughtful community.


John Harris’ Summit to Shore blogspot

Theological and philosophical reflections on everything between summit to shore, including kayaking, climbing, religion, spirituality, philosophy, theology, politics, culture, travel, The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), New York City and the Queens neighborhood of Ridgewood by a progressive New York City Presbyterian Pastor. John is a former member of the Witherspoon board, and is designated pastor of North Presbyterian Church in Flushing, NY.


John Shuck’s Shuck and Jive

A Presbyterian minister, currently serving as pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton, Tenn., blogs about spirituality, culture, religion (both organized and disorganized), life, evolution, literature, Jesus, and lightening up.


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